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गली (Gali satta) Desawar aur Taj की 100% लीक जोड़ी खोजे

Satta king matka Live Result

आज की लीक जोडी

Gauri Verma


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जोड़ी रेट : 10 Ka 950
Harf ka rate : 100ka 1000

👇गेम लिखवाने का लास्ट टाइम
मुंबई बाजार - 5:00PM
फरीदाबाद-05:50 PM
गाजियाबाद-08:20 PM
गली-11:30 PM
दिसावर-02:00 AM
द्वारका Night -01:00AM
कल्याण Gold - 01:00AM
गली इवनिग - 5:30PM


जोडी रेट 10 के 950
हरूप रेट 100 के 950
विस्वास से गेम प्ले करो आपका विस्वास नहीं टूटेगा

😍 रिजल्ट आने पर तुरंत भुगतान
खाईवालो में भरोसेमंद नाम
ईमानदारी हमारी पहचान है

Satta King Articles:

Satta King also known as Satta Matka or Matka King is an exciting and popular number-based lottery game. It has been played for centuries, and the rules of this game are simple. Players place their bets on the result of a random draw and the one who guesses right wins the bet. The game is based on chance, luck, and precision, and there still is no guarantee of success. The popularity of Satta King can be determined by the factor that even after no guarantee folks play it at a mass level. As of now, the estimated volume of Satta King games is more than 500cr. And it's just speculation.

What actually is Satta King?

This one's a tricky question. People often mistake Satta King for the lottery game but it's not. Satta King is not the game. It's never been a game. Then what it is? Satta King is just an umbrella covering all the Satta Game, i.e. Gali Satta, Disawar result, Black Satta, Faridabad, Menna Bajaar, Tejpur Satta, Gold Star, etc. However, earlier Satta King was just a title. A title that bettors created, out of their mutual respect. They started calling the winners of the satta as Satta Kings. Moreover, everyone started liking it and gained popularity. Owing to that it made its way to the colloquial language of bettors. Further, after the internet layman's started calling all the satta games Satta King. Tho the one who plays, they know.

What is Satta Matka?

Satta Matka is a number-based lottery number game played between numbers 00-99. From the name, it is been clear that it has to do something with matka. So, without wasting any more time let's undress the curtain. Satta Matka is a lottery game where people predict a number of their choice from 00 to 99 and place a bet on that. But where is matka? Well now comes the Matka. The results of the game came from the Matka (or pot). The betting company put chits of all numbers in the matka and the number that will come out of the Matka is considered as the winning number. And people who have placed a bet on numbers will eventually win.


Here comes the exciting part. In this game, money comes into play if luck favors you. The winning amount can be 9x, 90x, or 900x according to the game you have played i.e. Jodi or Dhara. This means if you've waged ₹10, and if your guessed number wins or comes out of the pot you will get ₹10*9 if played dhara similarly ₹10*90 if played for Jodi.

History of Satta King

Satta King's history roots back to colonial India. Although, Satta as a concept has been with us for quite a long time. Ancient manuscripts tell us that the satta has been with us from the beginning of Kalyuga. However, the satta we play now is not from the ancient period. Its origin dates back to the late 50s. Basically, the history of Satta is divided into three periods.

Late 50's

The original Satta Matka game came into existence during the British empire. Its origin dates back to the late 40s when Britishers used to import cotton from India via Bombay ports. During that time the rates of cotton used to be determined by New York Cotton Exchange and they used to send telegraphs of the rates. Then it used get disclosed to the public. Daily Wage workers started betting money at the rates of cotton prices. They started guessing the rates and bet on them. Sooner, the game they started to kill their vacant time turned into a full-scale satta. Later into satta buisness. Till then they didn't have any name for that game. Workers became more and more fascinated with games as it was easy money. They saw the opportunity to become rich. This lust for the money among lower class gave satta boom. More people started waging. In that chaos, few people saw an opportunity. In a short span of time, lots of stalls were opened outside the ports to play satta. Workers welcomed that with open arms. But, Satta doesn't only come with perks. Soon the bane hits. The lucrative addiction to easy money led the workers to lose their bread and butter as well. Folks started losing their daily wage in the hope to win big. Later British government started taking strict measures toward betting. They already banned betting in 1867, under the public gambling act. Now, they became proactive. They started catching people who were betting on cotton trades and put them in jails. Stalls were demolished. Due to that, Operators faced a huge loss. And this led to the end of the era of Cotton Betting. However, later they also shut out cotton trading.


Although, they were not able to shut down betting completely. Somehow they managed to shut it for a while but the addiction, the lust towards the betting, and the easy money were enough to ignite the extinguishing flame. People found new ways to bet, operators found new places to operate. New games started to come into existence. Satta Matka was one of them. Satta Matka originated from there. Earlier all satta games were called "Ankara Jugad". After, seeing the massive craze of satta among people few people started operating on larger scales. In 1962, Kalyanki Bhagat started a lottery company and named it Kalyan Matka. Earlier he used to run stalls outside ports. Kalyan Matka was huge success. It became very popular. And along with the game, Kalyanji Bhagat also gained fame. People started calling him Matka King. People believe that KalyanJi Bhagat was the originator of Satta Matka. Moreover, after the success of Kalyan Matka other operators also started their own games. in 1964, an operator name Ratan Khatri also started his matka game as New Worli Matka. Although, the basic idea of the game was the same as Kalyan matka but he introduced some game rules. Bhagat's Kalyan used to run all seven days of the week on other hand Worli used to run only five days a week.

Early 90's

During 90s Satta saw its golden period. Its volume kept on rising. According to speculation, in 1991 Satta's net volume was 500+cr. And this was the valuation in the 1990s. Just imagine how much it could be worth now. Satta also grew gradually in other parts of India. FARIDAABAD, Lal Kila, Tejpur fast, Satta King Agra, Gaziayabad, Hindustan, Gali result, Desawar are few of them.


2000 was a major setback for the Satta Industry. Police Raids become prominent. Tedious raids and continuous interference of police became a huge issue for bettors as well as operators. Khaiwals, Bettor, and Operators started getting underground. Betting stalls closed down. Due to that, the industry faced a huge loss. Whatever they did, somehow police got that information and begin to charge. This continued till 2003. However, it still survived. They managed to fool the police. Later, in 2008 Suresh Bhagat, son of Kalyan Bhagat, was shot dead. Bad blood was said to be the reason for it. After Suresh's demise people strongly believed that it was the end of satta matka. Though Satta survived. No matter what the barrier was, Satta Matka survived and stood stronger than ever. Currently, Satta King has grown to its fortune. And cause everything is dealt with so mysteriously we can't really say about its current volume.

How to play Satta King?

Well, thanks to the internet now we have various ways to play Satta King. Initially, there used to be only one. Earlier everything was offline and bettors has to do everything physically. They personally have to visit khaiwals to place a bet. Now, due to virtual liberty anyone from anywhere can wage money. Basically, there are two ways to play Satta King. Traditional or Offline and Modern or Online. Let us find out more about that ways.

Traditional or Offline Methods

This is one of the oldest methods to play satta king or satta matka. From this, we can find out that things must act physically in it as it is an offline method. In this method, bettors have to visit their local khaiwals or the khaiwal they trust to wage their money. Khaiwal acts as a middleman between the lottery company and the bettor. He takes money from the bettors and places wages on their behalf in aid of commission. After you place a bet via a khaiwal it's their duty to deliver the result and win money. However, after continuous involvement of the police khaiwals disappeared. Usually, pan shops and tea stalls act as khaiwals. Later finding them becomes difficult.

Traditional Method

Earlier before the Internet was a thing, people have to do everything physically. Around that time internet was a lavish thing and paying through the internet was a long shot. There were no UPIs, IMPS, or NEFT there for transactions. Hard Cash or Physical Money was the actual thing. The period was considered a classic era. During this era, khaiwals played a major role. Khaiwal act as a subsidiary of the lottery company. People used to go there to wage their money in respective games i.e Gali, Desawar, Faridabad, Tejpur, Satta Matka, or Satta King. There used to take money from them and wage it on their behalf. Later on, it was khaiwal's responsibility to deliver the winning money as well as the winning amount. Before the involvement of the police, it was very easy to find khaiwal. Tea stalls, pan shops, and local vendors were doing that. However post-2002, it becomes tough. And it was one of the major reasons, why the satta industry suffered the loss. Tho they came back stronger and somehow managed to survive the chain.

Online Method

This can be considered a new age of Satta. After the internet came, everything went online. Additionally, the development of UPI or another financial tool also played a major role. Paying becomes easy and it brought a lot to the table. Owing to all thing Satta market also grew online. Games, Satta Result, Waging Money, everything started online. People could reach there just with a click. And this helped the satta king or Gali to grow much wider. Someone sitting in an international territory was also able to wage their money. This brought ease to betting. However, the lottery company still prefers the traditional method. To date, they have yet to create a single website. It is all done by khaiwals. They run and manage websites and do everything on the bettors' behalf on behalf of the commission.

How to play Satta King online?

Well, this is quite a tough thing. You have to take a lot of measures before playing Satta online. There are various sites and mobile apps that let you play satta i.e Gali, Faridabad, Desawar, etc. on their portal but not all of them are genuine. They will claim as an official lottery company but they are not. Not a single lottery company owns the website. It's all khaiwal. So, before waging money do check for genuinety of the website then only place your bet there.

How to check Satta King results?

Satta King results are one of the most awaited things for a bettor. There is chaos among them to get the result and to get that fast. There is a very simple way to check the Satta King's result, Gali result, and Desawar result. There are tons of websites on the web that let you check the "Satta King Result". Just just have to go and type Satta King results on google or press home button and ask for "aaj ka satta king result". You can also check for Satta King result from our site "". At Sattakinggl we don't only provide the fastest but accurate result. The timing for the results is fixed. Results get declared at specified time. Now, the question is when do they get declared? Mumbai Bazar gets declared at 5:00 pm, Gold Star at 04:5pm, Faridaabad at 06:15 pm, Tezpur Evening at 06:30 pm, Delhi State at 07:00 pm, Tezpur Night at 8:30 pm, Saffar at 07:15 pm, Gali at 11:50 pm, etc.

How to win Satta King? Are there any tricks to win?

Aforesaid, Satta King is a completely luck-based game. The number declared as results are completely random. There is no pattern or script to win satta king, Gali result, desawar, faridaabad, or any other satta game. You can't just wait for the pattern to crack. There is only one trick in this game. Luck, if you're lucky you'll score the home run. If not you'll get bowled out. However, there is one thing that I would like to bring your attention to. I've already said there is no pattern in the game's result yet there is a trick. Folks from the lottery company often leak the numbers before it gets declared. Usually, they stay hidden and do that mysteriously but if you know the right doors you can win a fortune. There are few people who leak numbers for money. They charge you and tell you the number. Mostly folks get scammed for sake of leaked numbers. Just cause of that we have provided a number of trusted sources who provide accurate leaked numbers of Gali results, Desawar Results, or basically all Satta King results. You can contact them and find the numbers.

Is Satta King legal?

As said above, Satta King is not a game. It is just a tag from which all Satta games are known. So, saying whether satta king is legal or not will be irrelevant or wrong. However, if we talk about its games then we'll find that few of the games are legal in a few parts of India others are not. In Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Goa, Kerela, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Punjab, and Sikkim few lottery games have been legalized. People residing in that area are allowed to play that. Therefore, we always say to play at your own risk.

Satta King Disclaimer

Gambling is illegal in India as per the general public gambling act of 1867. Offenders may get imprisonment of up to 3 months and a fine of Rs 500. Therefore, we at sattakinggl don't support any kind of gambling. Also, Sattakinggl is a website made just for the purpose to serve results. We are not associated with any lottery company in any way. Additionally, all the leak results providers are found from random sources. We are not associated with the as well. So do your deal at your own risk. We are not liable for anything.



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सिंगल लीक जोड़ी DATE फिक्स डायरेक्ट सट्टा ब्रांच से लीक गेम गेम पास की फुल गारंटी है 101% लीक एंड कन्फर्म जो भाई कहते हैं कि हमारी गेम पास नहीं होती वो जरूर संपर्क करें

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Frequently Asked Questions

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As said above, the satta king is a kind of umbrella. All satta king games come under this bracket. How it works totally depends on which game are we talking about.

There are a bunch of ways to play satta king. You can either choose an online or offline method. The most preferable way will be playing online. However, people often get scammed playing it online. So make sure you choose a trusted site.

According to the public gambling act, all kind of gambling is illegal. However, after a few amendments to the law, it has been legalized in a few parts of states. Although it is only limited to people residing in that area only.

Well, you may or may not. Satta is a completely fortune-based game. If luck is in your favor then you could win the world. If not, you’ll end up losing your bread & butter as well.

Sattakinggl provides the fastest and most accurate satta king aaj ka result. At sattakinggl results get updated timely and precisely so you don’t miss out. Just find us on google and check your awaited satta king aaj ka number.

Sattakinggl se trusted lucky number dene wale ko message kre aur jeete.

Satta King has a lot of games, and every game has a different time for results. For instance, gali result gets declared at 11:00 pm, desawar gets declared at 5:00 am, Faridabad gets declared at 6:00 pm, Gaziyabad gets declared at 8:10 pm, and so on.

Satta King charts are results from previous games created in a tabular manner so that viewers can access them easily. Satta King Charts can be easily accessed from

Well, to play a game you should know a few things. Khaiwal, Single, Jodi, dhara, Patti, farak, berij etc. are a few of them.

Khaiwals are a kind of middlemen between bettors and lottery companies. Khaiwals role is very important for any bet. They are the ones who know have access to the lottery companies.

Money waged between the numbers 0-9 is said to be single. As it has a single digit in its winning number. Winning in single is also the same. Winning gets 9x of the waged amount.

Jodi is also similar to single, but instead of 0-9, it has 00-99. Jodi has double-digit figures. The winning amount also has double digits. Wage money gets 90x.

There is nothing such as requirements. Money and luck is the only thing you need. Find a trusted khaiwal or their website and start waging from there only.

Well, it may sound weird but no one knows. Daily crores of wages take place still no one has any idea of its volume. In the same way, no one knows whether anyone become rich or not. However, we do know for sure that lottery companies became rich.

गेम गली दिसावर फरीदबाद गाजियाबाद का मिलेगा बिल्कुल डेट फिक्स डायरेक्ट Satta कंपनी से लीक सभी अपना लॉस कवर कर लो ऐसा मौका हाथ से जाने ना दो तो देर किस बात की जल्दी कांटेक्ट करें

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