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What is Desawar?

Desawar, a number-based satta game played between 00 to 99. Like other satta games, it also comes under the umbrella of satta king. Therefore, goes by the name Dishaawar Satta King. Similar to other satta games, it is also a game of luck yet an exciting game. In this game, bettors have to guess the right number and place a bet on it. If you've predicted the right number you win and make great money out of it. Dishaawar is supposed to be easiest game of satta king. Owing to that it became the most widely played game. Disawar is played in 32 countries. India, Pakistan, and Nepal have it huge demand. Moreover, with the advent of the internet, it spread as fire. Succumbing at least, 1million+ active bettors into its fire. The Internet brought a huge change and development to traditional satta. More people started knowing about it. The audience grew and started using digital methods to play satta. Satta companies also changed. Disawar is one of the oldest satta companies. But, it has seen its rise after the digital boom. After the Internet, Disawar took place in a common tongue. Often it is said, satta means disawar.


The history of Dishwar is quite complicated. Disawar is the oldest satta company that ever existed. And its history is yet to be explored. Right now, everyone only has foresayings. So, it's kind of difficult to say. According, to a few people dishwar's story led us back to the time before the partition. Basically, before independence. As the name of game goes, Dishwar. Deshawar is a city in Pakistan (erstwhile India before the partition). This game started there. The idea of deshwar also came from Bombay. Few folks who traveled from deshwar to Bombay saw daily workers betting on cotton trading and this idea stayed with them. But no one knows what happened after Independence. Some believe that the game shifted to Dubai. But little do they know, that the company of the game shifted its base to India. Reasons are still unknown why he shifted to India. When did he shift to India? But they did. And as betting is illegal in India, no one knows from where they operate. Owing to these geographical relations Dishawar grew as the most popular satta game.

How to play disawar?

Just like other satta games, i.e. gali, ghaziyabad, faridabad, etc Dishaawar's concept is also the same. One has to guess the number that is supposed to come from the satta company. Then, they need to find a khaiwal. Khaiwal helps bettors to wage money on their predicted number and delivers them the result along with the winning money. Bettors can place their wage on Joda, Haruf, Dhara, etc., and get the winning accordingly. This is old and traditional method. Apart from that, you can play disawar online as well. There is a large number of sites that let you play disawar on either mobile app or website. You'll just have to find a trusted one and start playing. Satta companies don't have any official app or website. So, choose wisely and play safely.

How to check Dishwar results?

As the game is big, its result is also most awaited. Normally, khaiwal delivers the result but deshwar's result comes in such alter time, that it gets tough. Deshawar's result comes at dawn, 05:15 am. But all thanks to the internet. Deshwar's result are now available on the web. There are various sites that provide deshwar's results online. is one of them. You can check the most accurate and fast results on sattakinggl without any margin of error. To check the results of deshwar, you just have to go to your browser and type there, wait for the website to render and scroll down to deshwar result chart. There you can check live dishwar results.

Why Dishawar is a better option than other Satta Matka Games?

Saying dishwar is better than other satta games will be quite contradictory. It is upon people's choice. Everyone has their own preference. We can just judge something for mass based on our own perception. It'll be morally or ethically wrong. Though if we've to choose one I'll say deshwar. The availability of the game makes it quite accessible. Ease of playing it also plays an important role. Dishawar is said to be one of the easiest games in satta king. Anyone can play it. Someone, with a basic sense and basic knowledge of satta, can play it.

What is disawar result chart?

Even though everyone can access the internet, not all of them understand how it works. The audience of disawar is among them. To make results easily accessible to all developers of sites create a chart that helps the folks understand. Charts are created in such a way that they can see the past result as well as the live results.

What is Disawar leaked number?

Leaked numbers are just hoaxes, spread by frauds to rip money from innocent people. They show people how much correct their predictions are, and show them the biz. End up trapping people into this hoax. However, leaks happen. Folks from the satta company leak number, but they are kept confidential. This doesn't happen in public. But don't worry. To save our audience from fraud we are giving few of the contact details where such leaks happen.

Disclaimer: We're not associated with any of them. We are providing that just to save you guys from fraud.

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