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Satta Matka(history of Satta Matka) is the most lucrative game in all of India and a very profitable game that people from all age groups are trying to earn money from. This game is an ancient game that was used to pay taxes and other duties to the government. The game was very popular because it is a very entertaining and exciting game. In every Indian city, there is a shop named Matka, owned by a broker. People generally play the game to have some fun but sometimes they get into gambling.

The history of satta matka game

Matka is one of the oldest games in India. The game was popular in India centuries before Lord Buddha was born. The game was known for its excitement and gambling possibilities. Even in ancient Egypt people played Satta Matka. It is said that Satta Matka was originally designed to pay taxes to the government. However, in the end, it changed to a game to just have fun.

The word Satta means to gamble. Matka is the Indian version of Saddam.


Satta Matka is a lottery game that is played for gambling and entertainment purposes. A large number of people participate in this game. Matka operators, mainly from the Middle East region, have made Satta Matka one of the most popular games in the world.


Satta Matka is mainly played in India. In many Indian cities, the game is played by thousands of people at a time. Matka operators usually play the game at their shop or at a gaming room at the back of their shops. Matka is played in public as well as private at home in India. There are even Satta Matka parlors in India that provide this service at extra costs. The most popular types of satta matka are Jodi, Satta and Panch Matka.

The History of Satta Matka Game and origin

The origin of the game can be traced back to the Indus Valley, from which it spread to most parts of the world including the Middle East. It is believed that this was a very popular game that was enjoyed by the people of that time.


In ancient times, Satta was called “asid”. Satta is believed to have been derived from the Sanskrit word sate”. The origin of the word sate is also very similar to the modern-day word sattam. Sattam means that it has two parts and a word is formed by combining them.

The History of Satta Matka in the Middle East

According to a book on the history of the game, Satta Matka was played in public places and in private homes in the Middle East. Matka operators used to place small pots with the winning numbers on the ground in public places.

The History in Italy

The modern version of the game was brought by the Italians, who began the game after World War II. Initially, it was played with the help of a lottery machine and with different types of cards such as Italian, Spanish, French, French, French, British, and English.

The History in Asia

It is believed that the game of Satta is native to India, but it was introduced to the Middle East in the late 18th century. It was brought to the Middle East by the Arabs. The first recorded instance of the game in the Middle East was in the Ottoman Empire. It was introduced to Iran and Iraq. It was later introduced to Iran and Russia.


What Types of Satta Matka exist?

The history of the game has been traced back to the Indian Subcontinent, where the game was first popularized by the British. There are a number of variants of Satta Matka as the version depends upon the community and regions. A few variants of the game exist in India and it’s neighboring countries such as Bangladesh and Nepal. There are also regional variants of the game in the Middle East.

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